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We are offering a comprehensive nutritional workup and consultation. This includes examination, labs, and a personalized written report. Our compreshensive labwork includes: basic metabolic profile, uric acid, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, comlete liver, lipid, thyroid panel, cbc with diff and a urinalysis. We also include homocysteine, c reactive protein, and vitamin d3.

If you want to find out how healthy or unhealthy you are, here is how you do it.

1. Pick up the phone and give us a call 800-326-5838. We will arange a time for you to have a phone consultation with Dr. Bittiker.

2. After speaking with Dr. B, you will speak to Susie. She will send you a patient history packet and a LabCorp requisition form. This can be done by email or regular mail.

3. You go to a LabCorp near you and have your labs drawn.

4. You complete all paperwork and call us at 800-326-5838 for an appointment.

5. You come in and see us! We will do an artery stiffness test and adrenal functions test on you. We also do a grip strength test, and a complete physical.

6. You will leave the office with a complete written and verbal report, ready to get on a track for a healthier you.