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Online Specials

Ever wonder how Doctor Bittiker seems to be able to quickly come up with very informed answers to some pretty esoteric questions on his radio program, Natural Health and You? It could be that Doctor Bittiker is just really smart or maybe it is just because he knows where to look up the answers quickly.

One of the places he goes for information is the Hyperhealth Database Program. With over 40,000 pages of scientifically researched information on alternative care. Now you can order the interactive Hyperhealth Program and install it on your own computer. Then you too can appear to be really knowledgable about alternative healthcare.

If you go to www.hyperhealth.com you can try the demo program to see how it works. If you want to buy the program use our promo code "drb" to get a $10 discount. I hope that you will find this program as useful as I have.

Click here to order your copy of hyperhealth

Remember to use our promo code, drb, to receive $10 off